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Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Prideful of where we call home, and passionate about the culture it holds, Bridge is a Midwest anthology. This collection highlights a variety of progressive voices through thoughtfully curated articles and Op-ed’s. Bridge pushes forward Midwestern innovation, while highlighting the importance of community and distinct perspectives; MIAD provides the forum for this discourse.

"Spiritually Midwestern What Middle America Meant to David Foster Wallace" written by Josh Roiland and commissioned by A24 Films in conjunction with the David Foster Wallace biopic "The End of the Tour". You can find the full piece with essay notes at this link here

Josh Roiland @JoshRoiland
Emily Ebert @EmilyEbert
Mark Davis @themizarkshow
Melody Rowell @MelodyRowell
Nic Haralambous @NicHarry
Nina Keizer, MIAD Student
Trevor Tagge, MIAD Student
Wyatt Massey, @News4Mass
Debbie Sajnani @bowllick
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MIAD Bridge was created by Debbie Sajnani as a multi-page editorial design student project at Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design under the instruction of Jonathan Warobick. Some content may be altered from original work. Content sources are attributed as found, no copyright infringement intended.

United Way of Greater Milwaukee
Featured: United Adworkers Milwaukee 99 Awards Show, 2015

The United Way of Greater Milwaukee has been nationally recognized for their teen pregnancy prevention initiative. By continuing with their head turning campaigns- Better Than A Condom aims to tackle the same issue through a different approach. By focusing on condom usage and STD/STI prevention this campaign aims to educate, identify with, and even gross out young teens. By targeting teens between the ages of 13-16, STD’s become personified as gruesome characters accompanied by their symptoms. The use of bright colors and large typography are intended to capture young teens attention while highlighting the ultimate question- does an STD feel better than a condom?